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Sunday, 19 December 2010

Burger King Japan (Hungry Jacks)

I’d been meaning to go to Hungry Jacks (Burger King) Japan for a while for two reasons. 1) because it is interesting to see the differences in menus from back home and 2) to compare the food and the way it is prepared and presented. I also have been developing a craving for some good old fast food too!

Burger King Japan has a menu very much like Australia (where most branches are called Hungry Jacks). Something that the Australian menu didn’t have (2 years ago) was an option to create your own burger by selecting various ingredients - even extra meat patties. Here in Japan you can add or subtract various items to create your own burger. They also have a new “burger” which is the size of a small plate! It is designed to be eaten by a group of people and therefore it is cut up into portions like a pizza. Naturally it’s called the NY Pizza Burger (NY is New York) - although there is nothing “pizza” about it!

An interesting addition to the Burger King menu in Japan is Heineken beer. In Australia that would never be allowed in a fast food restaurant!

So how does it compare to Burger King (Hungry Jacks) Australia?

Well firstly, let me describe (without exaggeration I promise) the experience of eating at a Burger King in Australia.

In Australia a Burger King burger is a patty of meat (or two) on a bun with the various added vegetables and what-not with sauce - and what I could only describe as a ½ a cup of grease! Before you pick up the burger you can see the grease oozing through the wrapping! Picking up a burger in Burger King Australia always resulted in grease oozing out all over and making my hands sickly greasy and slimy. Looking at a Burger King burger in Australia I can still remember seeing the grease, shiny all over and oozing out. It would seep through the bun, onto my hands, and down my wrists. It always resulted in numerous greasy wet serviettes. Keeping an Australian Burger King burger together was a feat in dexterity - while I squeezed to hold the burger together, grease would ooze out and the burger would fall apart. Let me correct that - it wouldn’t just simply fall apart - it would “slide” apart! All the ingredients being so well greased up they would just slide all over the place! The meat would slide out and the other ingredients would soggily drop out leaving puddles of grease and fat on the tray. And the taste, well it’s like gobbling down a cup of grease!

Now that you understand the experience of eating a Burger King (Hungry Jacks) burger in Australia, on to eating a Burger King burger in Japan.
Burger King Australia, if you ever read this take note.

The Japanese have fast food down to a fine art. A Burger King Japan burger (I had a Double Bacon Deluxe) is FREE of grease and fat! Yep, not a drop! My burger was almost dry, NO GREASE. My hands were free of grease and I didn’t need to use any serviettes. The Japanese pride themselves in preparing meals that are enjoyable and my experience at Burger King Japan was enjoyable. I didn’t need to fight with my burger, nor did I need to use a wad of serviettes. The taste was great, I could actually taste the bacon and the meat! Nothing fell out and the burger was well presented. In fact, even the wrapping was presentable! It was neatly folded and CLEAN!

Now, I’m no health nut, and I don’t know if the burgers are any healthier, but when a burger is enjoyable and tasty and well presented I know where I’d rather eat if I feel like a burger again.


  1. I hate Hungry Jacks 'coz the hamburgers are so full of fat and oil. I think Japan has made junk food healthy.

  2. I've experienced Hungry Jack's greasiness first hand. Had a Whopper on Australia day, it was impossible to keep it together and I had grease running down to my elbows. Blegh!

    Mate, you're not exaggerating one bit.


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